Firstly thank you for visiting the site, I hope you have found, and continue to find it a useful resource for Excel help.

I have been working with Excel for 20 years, working on versions from Excel 5 up to the latest ones on the market today.

I realised early on that spreadsheets can be very powerful, dynamic tools and there are few limits to what you can achieve with an open mind, a bit of technical know-how and the willingness to never stop learning.

These days I consult on Excel and other software systems while creating custom reporting solutions and Excel dashboards for some of the UK’s biggest companies.  As you can imagine this takes up a lot of my time but despite the long hours I still manage to find time on an evening to tweak my latest Excel financial tracker or automate a friends Stock portfolio tracker in Excel…there are not many things I haven’t designed in Excel for home or business use!

My mission in creating this website is to share my knowledge and experience with anyone who uses Excel, casual and business users alike.  There are many Excel websites around so you all have a choice but what I can offer you is that I’m not here to impress you with my knowledge of Excel, I’m here to help you improve yours.

So whether you are a business analyst using Excel daily or an Excel novice just starting out you have a home here.

This site continues to grow and I hope you will be a part of it.

Keep Excelling,

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