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Add Developer Tab to Excel

00088_Add Excel Developer Tab_FI

Add the Excel Developer tab to Excel 2010 or 2013 to get the most out of Excel.  This tab can be added to the Excel Ribbon in four fast and simple steps, this short Excel guide will show you how……
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Save in Excel

00087_Excel Save_FI

Saving your Excel file is one of those simple exercises often overlooked by an Excel beginner leaving many Excel users knowing very little about the process.  Maybe an XLSB file is a better way for you or perhaps a client…
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Print in Excel

00085_Excel Printing Beginners_FI

Printing in Excel is easy but something many Excel beginners can struggle with, if you are new to Microsoft Excel and are finding it difficult to print your worksheet, or get your worksheet to fit neatly onto a printed page…
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Calculate Mode in Excel

00084_Excel Mode Formula_FI

To calculate the Mode in Excel you need to use the Mode Formula.  This short guide will show you how to calculate Mode in Excel and also help you understand why you should use the Mode… What is the Mode…
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Median Formula in Excel

00083_Excel Median Formula_FI

To calculate the Median in Excel all you need to do is use the Median Formula.  Using the Median formula in Excel is a basic concept that any Excel Analyst can use in their calculations and understand with ease, this…
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