Italian Serie A Football Fixtures 2017-18 in Excel

Below you can find a free download of the Italian Serie A Football Fixtures 2017-18 in Excel format, both xls and xslx versions available so even if you are on an old version of Excel I have you covered!

Download the Excel 97-2003 Version (xls): Click Here
Download the Excel 2010+ Version (xlsx): Click Here

If you are still on that creaky old version (its not that creaky I know!) then why not get yourself the latest copy? The new subscription based format of Microsoft Office 365 makes it easy to stay bang up-to-date and only pay for what programs you need.

Other European fixtures are available in on this site, all in Excel format of course. There are currently Excel files for the UK, Scottish, German, French, Belgium and Spanish leagues, all for 2017-18.

New fixtures will be added until all the main leagues are covered. Follow me on Twitter and you can keep up-to-date with all the latest posts on the including when all the Football Fixtures in Excel are released.

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